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Xbox Live – Family Game Night – TONIGHT

Have you ever played Scrabble or Battleship with someone 1000 miles away?  

Me neither – let’s try it !!  

A few weeks ago, the fun folks at Electronic Arts teamed with Hasbro to release several classic board games for the Xbox 360.  They are available via the Game Marketplace as Arcade titles […]

Xbox Family Game Recommendation – Family Game Night by Hasbro


Old fashioned family games — on Xbox!!

The classics — Yahtzee, Scrabble, Connect Four, Sorry, Battleship, and others…

This month, on Xbox Live Marketplace Arcade, Hasbro released a really cool shell, where you will find yourself in a game room.  On the game wall, you’ll find these and other […]

Xbox Family Game Recommendation – Crash of the Titans

In my opinion, Crash is one of the less appreciated kid-gaming characters out there.  Sure, we’ve all heard of Sonic and Mario, but Crash the Bandicoot?   Why not ?!

Crash of the Titans is the first Crash title that I’ve played (though my boys have played others) and I think I look forward […]

Xbox Game — Rise of the Argonauts

I must admit that I have been looking forward to this game for a while.  Of course, I am big fan of RPG style games, but a few things made this one special from the beginning:

Instead of the generic middle-earth or Dungeons&Dragons type world, this one is set in the rich tapestry of […]

Fun and Free Xbox Arcade game — Dash of Destruction

Add a Dash of Giggles

Another Dash of Loud Laughter

Plus a Dash of "No, don’t eat my truck with your dinosaur"

That’s how you get a "Dash of Destruction" — and now you know what my house has sounded like since my sons and I downloaded this free Xbox Arcade title […]

Xbox Dad — where did you go?

It’s actually a rhetorical question — effective December 1st, has retired the ‘Xbox Dad’ persona/column on family gaming. 

My sincerest thanks to the original Xbox Dad (Duncan) for sharing his column with me this year — and to the folks at for the opportunity to contribute.  It was a great experience to […]

NXE is here – and my kids are loving the Avatars

Most of you know that aside from my vocational passion around Data Protection and Storage Solutions for Windows servers … my vice is video gaming, particularly with my family.  And in that vein, the kind folks at have been letting me co-write about family games as XBOX DAD..

If you own an Xbox 360, […]

What one Xbox Dad got for Father’s Day

This weekend was Fathers’ Day in the US – and I have three loving children (and a wife) who know that their daddy is an avid gamer.  So, I thought I would share what I got for Fathers’ Day as an XboxDad.  I did get some of the standard Fathers’ Day fare – […]

The best kids’ game that I know of — LEGO Star Wars


These have been out for a while, so this recommendation is a little late — but as I have been telling folks about it for a while, I wanted to get this in print.

The first release, LEGO Star Wars, was actually for the last generation of gaming consoles — and covered the first […]

Family Game Recommendation — Fantastic Four : Rise of the Silver Surfer


My sons are 7 and 9 — and we are routinely looking for 3-player games. 

We’ve done party games like Viva Pinata : Party Animals, as well as Fuzion Frenzy2. We have games on our Nintendo GameCube and Wii. And we currently do a lot of tag-teaming on 2-player games, where I […]

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