vBlog: Everyone Should Archive (period)

Even if you aren’t in a highly regulated industry. Even if you aren’t a Fortune 500 enterprise. Even if you don’t keep data over five years. Everyone should archive, as a means of data management – because storage (both primary and secondary) are growing faster than storage budgets, so you can’t keep doing what you … Read more

EMC RecoverPoint for VMs is another step forward in vAdmin enablement

This week, EMC released RecoverPoint for VMs (RP4VM). For storage administrators, RecoverPoint has long been seen as the seamless synchronous/asynchronous storage replication of choice for EMC storage, to deliver higher levels of resiliency for enterprise workloads. But for virtualization administrators, it was part of the “magic” that made the storage under the hypervisor surprisingly durable … Read more

OFS and BaaS – why you need both

At first glance, the services can be easily confused: A small application is installed on your endpoint device, perhaps from a consumer “app-store” Behind the scenes, there is a cloud-based storage service; typically billed on capacity used Your changes to local files seem to be magically updated, with no effort at all Yes, it’s very … Read more

Need Help with WinSvr 2012 Storage Spaces

Howdy MS friends, I used to be a fan of Windows Server 2012’s Storage Spaces: http://blog.jasonbuffington.com/index.php/2013/06/checking-out-my-newest-storage-appliance-for-under-2000/ And for those that don’t know, I used to work at MS … on Windows storage features.  But I am totally stuck – and needing help. Two of my five drives in a Storage Space failed.  So, like I … Read more