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Windows IT Pro article – Understanding DPM2012

The nice folks at Windows IT Pro magazine recently published an article that I wrote on Data Protection Manager within Microsoft System Center 2012.

According to Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research, the number-one IT spending priority in 2012 was improving data backup and recovery, tied with increased use of server virtualization. Interestingly enough, improving […]

Microsoft Ups its Backup Game in System Center 2012

[Cross-posted from my ESG blog – Technical Optimist .com]

Data protection processes and technologies are vital to ensuring an organization’s operational, regulatory, and financial health. As a result, data protection infrastructure is included in every IT budget and is top of mind for data center staff. However, due to the complexity and often high cost […]

Speaking at System Center Universe 2012

Tuesday, January 17 — Microsoft held a webcast on their Private Cloud offerings and announced the Release Candidate of their System Center 2012 management tools.

Thursday, January 19 – the System Center Universe 2012 community-driven event will be going through many of the technologies in that release.

Am very excited to be speaking about […]

Some things aren’t solved by just cutting a check

Every week, during the Spring and Summer, my lawn gets mowed. Specifically, it happens every Thursday morning, while I am working. Some guys come by my home and pick up the check from my wife, and then my lawn gets magically gets mowed. It’s not that I particularly mind mowing the lawn or whether it […]

Video Interview on DPM 2012

First and Foremost – CONGRATS to my Microsoft friends for the recent release of the beta of System Center Data Protection Manager 2012 !!!

Its amazing for me to remember back to joining the DPM team as v1 was releasing – and now seeing what v4 has become.  I am really looking forward to […]

Announcing DPM 2012 Beta

Today, Microsoft released its public beta for System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2012.

Of course, in full disclosure, most of my readers know that I am not just an ESG guy who loves data protection, but was the senior product manager for DPM from its v1 initial release in market through its v4 […]

Jason joins ESG

Today, I begin my next adventure – as an “Analyst & Lab Engineer” for ESG, the Enterprise Strategy Group.

For those that don’t know ESG, they are mostly known for their industry research and analysis of IT, particularly around Storage, Data Protection, Virtualization, Infrastructure Management, etc.

I had known of and worked with […]

JBuff leaving Microsoft

After 5.5 years, I am leaving Microsoft.

When I first joined, it was after 15 years in the backup/recovery and high availability market. I joined to be part of DPM v1, which had been in market for about a month, because the idea that Microsoft producing its own backup solution could change how Windows administrators […]

Jason on Talk TechNet Radio – discussing DPM 2012

Good morning, all.

Keith Combs and Chris Henley run a weekly ‘radio call-in show’ called Talk TechNet – and this week, they asked me to talk about DPM (2010 and 2012).

You can listen in, live or afterwards, at

Keith & Chris – it was lots of fun!  Thanks for having me…

Thanks […]

Rest in Peace, Ruud Baars

Over the weekend, the DPM community lost one of its best – Ruud Baars.

While you may be familiar with some of the DPM voices and faces, Ruud was one of the quiet and sometimes unseen, true innovators of how to deploy DPM in the real world.

If you received answers to questions in the […]

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