Why IT doesn’t modernize data protection

“What we have here is a failure to communicate.” For far too many organizations, the main reason they don’t modernize IT architectures as fast they probably should is a failure to communicate. Even for something as simple as backup, it stands like this: Technology professionals think in terms of IT capabilities, such as the protection … Read more

Why SMBs need DR more, not less

“All we can afford is tape.” “We’re small – so we can’t afford enterprise stuff” “We only have 40 people. If we have to recreate something, it isn’t too bad“ Respectfully, none of these are reasons — they are all excuses — and they are mostly inaccurate. The US Dept. of Labor once surveyed what … Read more

The best outcome of a TCO-ROI presentation is when they argue with you

[Excerpt from my book, Data Protection for Virtual Data Centers – www.DataProtectionBible.com]  Chapter 2, Data Protection by the Numbers (click here to download Chapter 2) covers among other things ROI and TCO.   One of the formulas discussed is the “Cost of Downtime”:           Sometimes, the best thing that can happen when you present your methodology … Read more

Step 1 – Get Your Data Out of the Building

If you find yourself on mailing lists from backup vendors, channel partners and media portals (or watch twitter for backup/storage topics) … then you have likely seen advertisements like: Five Easy Steps to Disaster Recovery Don’t miss this revolutionary, exciting, innovative, and informational … Yada yada yada, blah blah … Those webcasts/whitepapers aren’t bad … … Read more