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Why SMBs need DR more, not less

“All we can afford is tape.”

“We’re small – so we can’t afford enterprise stuff”

“We only have 40 people. If we have to recreate something, it isn’t too bad“

Respectfully, none of these are reasons — they are all excuses — and they are mostly inaccurate.

The US Dept. of Labor once surveyed what […]

The best outcome of a TCO-ROI presentation is when they argue with you

[Excerpt from my book, Data Protection for Virtual Data Centers –]

Chapter 2, Data Protection by the Numbers (click here to download Chapter 2) covers among other things ROI and TCO. One of the formulas discussed is the “Cost of Downtime”:

Sometimes, the best thing that can happen when you present […]

Step 1 – Get Your Data Out of the Building

If you find yourself on mailing lists from backup vendors, channel partners and media portals (or watch twitter for backup/storage topics) … then you have likely seen advertisements like:

Five Easy Steps to Disaster Recovery

Don’t miss this revolutionary, exciting, innovative, and informational …

Yada yada yada, blah blah …

Those webcasts/whitepapers aren’t bad … […]

Video Interview on DPM 2012

First and Foremost – CONGRATS to my Microsoft friends for the recent release of the beta of System Center Data Protection Manager 2012 !!!

Its amazing for me to remember back to joining the DPM team as v1 was releasing – and now seeing what v4 has become.  I am really looking forward to […]

Book Review – Data Protection for Virtual Data Centers

Was excited to see one of the first reviews from my book – from Paul Schnackenburg, who many of you will know from various his System Center and Microsoft coverage in publications including ZDnet.AU, RedmondMag and  He also writes his own blog called Tell IT as IT is.  Paul was kind enough to read […]

It’s almost here !

I hope everyone had a great Independence Weekend !

It’s hard to believe that one year ago, I was drafting a table of contents over that weekend – and now I am counting down the days until the book is on the shelves (hopefully yours).  🙂

It is due out on July 26th and is […]

New Book – Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Administration Instant Reference

Huge Congratulations to my friend, Matt Hester.

Matt is a one of the folks that taught me how to blog, so that I could use social networking to convey my passion for technology products. He also happens to be an IT Pro Evangelist for Microsoft, meaning that he spends most days speaking at local […]

My book is now available for preorder – Data Protection for the Virtual Data Center

There is something very surreal in finding your name on … so I just had to share it.  

Description (from publisher):

Essential information on how to protect data in virtual environments!

Virtualization is changing the data center architecture and as a result, data protection is is quickly evolving as well. This […]

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