A Kingdom for Keflings on Xbox Live Arcade (and on-sale thru Jan.10)


This is a really clever game that has captured my family’s heart.  In fact, I think that it is the only game that I have ever purchased twice.  We have two Xbox 360’s and it allows my kids and I to collaborate across systems.  Kingdom for Keflings is one of the first Xbox Live games to use your personal Avatar in the game in a meaningful way.  There had been games that showed your picture, but in AK4K your avatar is a giant among the little Kefling people (literally). 

In this game, you (your avatar) are going to build a town with the help of the native Keflings.  There are lots of raw materials around in the form of never ending forests and rocks and gems and sheep.

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But don’t wait to try this game, because it is the Deal of the Week at Xbox.com

For the week of January 4 thru January 10, 2010 – A Kingdom for Keflings is 50% off at Xbox Live Arcade, at only 400 points.  That is only $5 US !! 

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