The best accessories for Surface Pro don’t all come from Microsoft

A few months ago, I wrote about how my Surface Pro (v1) had become the only device that I travel with (blog). Since then, I have streamlined optimized even further, with a few other gadgets.  In my travel bag: Portable DVD/Blu-Ray from Buffalo ($85) This ultra-portable Blu-Ray player/burner is barely larger than two blu-ray plastic … Read more

Thinking about Xbox Home Server

My friend Mark Bowker recently blogged about the hypothetical potential of a Microsoft Surface Server. Since he covers Virtualization for ESG, he has a lot of opportunities to think about converged infrastructure, as well as the impressive hardware stacks of converged infrastructure that are powering today’s data centers. At the same time, another friend, Rod … Read more

Microsoft’s Three Screens and a Cloud

Lately, it has occurred to me that Microsoft’s banter about “Three Screens and a Cloud” gets more real every day — those screens being your smartphone, your computer and your television, as a unified and unifying experience. As a confessionary disclosure: My computers run Windows, including my home server My gaming consoles are Xbox 360s … Read more