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Teaching the three P’s in School

Zack Whittaker at ZDnet wrote a good post ( on how schools may be teaching Word and PowerPoint, but kids are unaware of data privacy and protection issues.

I would go one ‘P’ further.  Along with Protection (of data) and Privacy (of information), add Piracy (of software and media).

Last year, I took the opportunity […]

Getting Ready for Wood Badge

Am getting ready for Wood Badge in a few weeks, which is a training program for adult leaders within Boy Scouts.  Per a BSA website:

Reflecting the best of nearly a century of Scouting experience, the course draws upon the most current leadership models used by corporate America, academic circles, and successful outdoor organizations […]

Yes, there is a Video Game belt-loop for Cub Scouts

If you have read my blog, then you may know that I am a Gamer and a Dad (hence my other blog —  What you may not know is that I am also a Cubmaster for one of my son’s Cub Scout Pack and an Assistant Scoutmaster for my other son’s Boy Scout […]

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