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The Spectrum of Data Protection

It is interesting to me how marketing folks and technical purists banter IT terms around, in hopes of sounding fresh and compelling to their customers. While “backup” is often thought of as passé or the bane of IT operations, “data protection” is perceived as more strategic, with other lofty terms such as “business continuity” and […]

Cool High Availability Video from Symantec

Every IT guy has had a day when they wanted to take a sledgehammer to a server or maybe drop a whole rack from a tall building. Admit it, we’ve all thought about it – but then, you’d have to rebuild everything and in the meantime, deal with the outage and all of the disgruntled […]

Why SMBs need DR more, not less

“All we can afford is tape.”

“We’re small – so we can’t afford enterprise stuff”

“We only have 40 people. If we have to recreate something, it isn’t too bad“

Respectfully, none of these are reasons — they are all excuses — and they are mostly inaccurate.

The US Dept. of Labor once surveyed what […]

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