The Economic Benefits of Cloud Data Management

To understand how to quantify Cloud Data Management, or in the broader sense of “modern data protection,” start with the basics. The economic benefits of “just” BACKUP include: Reducing lost work due to systems’ or storage failures (or cyber-attacks) which would otherwise require employees to recreate what was lost or corrupted Reducing fines and penalties associated with failure to … Read more

Why IT doesn’t modernize data protection

“What we have here is a failure to communicate.” For far too many organizations, the main reason they don’t modernize IT architectures as fast they probably should is a failure to communicate. Even for something as simple as backup, it stands like this: Technology professionals think in terms of IT capabilities, such as the protection … Read more

The best outcome of a TCO-ROI presentation is when they argue with you

[Excerpt from my book, Data Protection for Virtual Data Centers –]  Chapter 2, Data Protection by the Numbers (click here to download Chapter 2) covers among other things ROI and TCO.   One of the formulas discussed is the “Cost of Downtime”:           Sometimes, the best thing that can happen when you present your methodology … Read more