WHAT Products or Services Might you Consider when Using Clouds Within your Data Protection Strategy – Part 4 in Series

cloud_in_hand.jpgEach Wednesday in June, I explored an aspect of utilizing cloud services as part of your data protection strategy through a series of videos and blogs – based on ESG’s Data Protection Cloud Strategies research report.

Part 1 – WHY use clouds as part of your data protection strategyJune 7

Part 2 – WHICH clouds to use within your data protection strategyJune 14  

Part 3 – HOW to ensure security when using clouds within your data protection strategyJune 21

Part 4 – WHAT products or services might you consider when using clouds within your data protection strategy … June 28

To wrap up the series, here are a few products or services that the ESG Lab has conducted validations of.  If you are not familiar with the ESG Lab, I like to think of them as third-party assessments, similar to (but not exactly) “Consumer Reports for IT.”  Here are a few of the cloud-powered data protection solutions that ESG Lab looked at in the past few months:

Storage-as-a-service (STaaS/dp) – adding cloud storage as a repository for otherwise on-premises data protection solutions.  There are many backup/archive software and hardware vendors that now claim to utilize cloud services, with very varying amounts of finesse (which can dramatically impact cloud storage and networking budgets).

ESG Lab: Cloud Converged Data Protection for SMBs with Acronis Backup 12 — October 2016

ESG Lab: Rubrik Cloud Data Management — December 2016

ESG Lab: Quantum Artico Active Archive Appliance — June 2016

Disaster Recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) – leveraging cloud hosting (IaaS), cloud storage, orchestration/automation, and cloud network extensions to enable servers that fail at one site to resume serving users from a cloud service. To be clear, there is a huge difference in storing protected data in a cloud (STaaS/dp or BaaS) and being able to “power it up.”  There is even more of a difference between powering up a single VM versus powering up and reconnecting to a multi-VM application or complete site recovery.

ESG Lab: Cloud-converged IT Resilience from Axcient Fusion — November 2016

I hope that this series was helpful for you – and that you are having a great summer.

As always, thanks for reading.

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