HOW to Ensure Security when Using Clouds Within your Data Protection Strategy – Part 3 in Series (Video)

Each Wednesday in June, I’ll be exploring an aspect of this through a series of videos and blogs – based on ESG’s Data Protection Cloud Strategies research report.

Part 1 – WHY use clouds as part of your data protection strategyJune 7 

Part 2 – WHICH clouds to use within your data protection strategyJune 14 

Part 3 – HOW to ensure security when using clouds within your data protection strategy … June 21

Part 4 – WHAT products or services might you consider when using clouds within your data protection strategy … June 28

So far, this series has discussed WHY the cloud should almost assuredly be part of your data protection strategy and WHICH types of cloud-based services should be part of your strategy, based on what you are trying to solve for.

BUT, as soon as anyone in your organization suggests a cloud service should be added to your IT strategy, someone else will almost immediately bring up security concerns. You should be concerned; you are putting your data in an outside repository.  And yet, history (and the media) have shown us that many organizations can’t secure their internally stewarded IT infrastructure, so HOW should you look at security for cloud services as part of your data protection strategy? Part 3 of our series addresses that:



Please check back next Wednesday for part 4 in this series, where I’ll suggest a few technologies and mechanisms to consider.

As always, thanks for watching.


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