Game Recommendation – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

HP-OotP GreatHall with 3HP-OotP box If you have read the series – this is a ‘must play’.   At least for a while…

This particular Harry Potter game is based on the fifth book of the Harry Potter book series – the Order of the Phoenix.

As with the book, the game starts out at 12 Grimwald Place, the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix.  This is essentially a tutorial area where you’ll learn a few magic spells.

In this game, you’ll learn to interact with the environment using your magic wand to push, pull, levitate and repair items – with the use of the right-stick of your Xbox360 controller.  It is fairly easy and will become second nature fairly early on.  Later, you’ll get to interact with most of your favorite characters that were digitized and voiced by the original actors from the movie.

With the tutorial complete, it is off to Hogwarts !!

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