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Data Protection Is (or Should Be) Increasingly Part of a Systems Management Strategy (Video)

Think about it. If I’m an IT Operations team member:

I provision new servers (usually VMs), but some physical and some cloud-based. I patch and maintain those servers. I provide or rescind access to the applications on those servers. I monitor those servers for performance and uptime. And when those servers go down, I am […]

Hyperconverged Systems Don’t Preclude the Need for Data Protection (Video)

During VMworld US, I had the chance to visit with my colleague Terri McClure, who covers HyperConverged and Converged Infrastructure (HCI). Many HCI offerings boast “built-in” data protection capabilities, which prompted her and I to talk about the broader strategies of data protection within these all-in-one solution stacks. In fact, “Integrated Data Protection” was on […]

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