New BC/DR Infographic from ESG

Does Virtualization + Cloud = BC/DR?  YES! In June 2013, ESG published its “Trends in Protecting Highly Virtualized Environments” report. In September, ESG published its “Data Protection-as-a-Service Trends” report. And for many people, when you virtualize your infrastructure (so that the servers are portable) and then you provide a cost-effective secondary location (the cloud) … … Read more

vBlog: Regulatory Compliance vs Operational Readiness (3 of 4): HIPAA

This month, I am taking a look at the differences between ‘Regulatory Compliance’ and ‘Operational Readiness’ through a series of videos. Regulatory Compliance The efforts to check the boxes before audits – often mandated by an industry (e.g. HIPAA), corporate (SOX) or legal (DOD 5.015.2-STD). Operational Readiness The IT efforts to ensure that key IT … Read more