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How do you back up Saas? I’d like to know

You can’t have an IT “modernization” discussion without bringing up the cloud. And in the realm of data protection, that comes in a few obvious flavors:

Backup as a Service (BaaS) – where your data is backed up either directly to a cloud provider or first to a local appliance and then to that provider. […]

SunGard On-Premise Managed Recovery is coming

I love Ah-Ha moments followed by Heck-Yeah exclamations … when you when you hear about something new and yet so intuitive that you have to shout “Why haven’t folks always done this?!?” Maybe they didn’t do it in the past because the technology wasn’t there yet, or the economics, or whatever. But in IT, I […]

New Years Resolution – back up my own stuff better (part 1)

With twenty years of backup experience, you might presume that my own personal backups might be flawless and in triplicate. And for my professional workstation, it actually is. But admittedly, for the rest of my data, such as those invaluable family photos, personal data and other stuff – it admittedly isn’t as well or frequently […]

Why SMBs need DR more, not less

“All we can afford is tape.”

“We’re small – so we can’t afford enterprise stuff”

“We only have 40 people. If we have to recreate something, it isn’t too bad“

Respectfully, none of these are reasons — they are all excuses — and they are mostly inaccurate.

The US Dept. of Labor once surveyed what […]

The best outcome of a TCO-ROI presentation is when they argue with you

[Excerpt from my book, Data Protection for Virtual Data Centers –]

Chapter 2, Data Protection by the Numbers (click here to download Chapter 2) covers among other things ROI and TCO. One of the formulas discussed is the “Cost of Downtime”:

Sometimes, the best thing that can happen when you present […]

The best part of BCDR Planning is what you get before the disaster

[originally posted on my ESG blog at]

The best part of BC/DR planning is not being prepared for your eventual disaster — its what you get before hand.

In my earlier post, I talked about the 10 professional practices of Business Continuity Planning.

Practices 2 and 3 include "Risk Evaluation and Control" and "Business […]

Your Replication is not my Disaster Recovery

[originally posted on my ESG blog –]

It wasn’t that many years ago that ‘Disaster Recovery’ was a key buzz word for IT. Somewhere along the way, it became ‘Business Continuity’. Now days, it is simply a feature of your backup or storage solution. Or is it?

First, let’s talk through the layers from […]

Some things aren’t solved by just cutting a check

Every week, during the Spring and Summer, my lawn gets mowed. Specifically, it happens every Thursday morning, while I am working. Some guys come by my home and pick up the check from my wife, and then my lawn gets magically gets mowed. It’s not that I particularly mind mowing the lawn or whether it […]

Stop Shipping Tapes – please!

Last week, I saw the latest disclosure on what is still too common – “backup tapes are lost and the amount of disclosure is under investigation” .

This time, it was 4.9 million military clinic and hospital patients – click to read original article.  The slightly abridged version is:

The lost data was stored on […]

Step 1 – Get Your Data Out of the Building

If you find yourself on mailing lists from backup vendors, channel partners and media portals (or watch twitter for backup/storage topics) … then you have likely seen advertisements like:

Five Easy Steps to Disaster Recovery

Don’t miss this revolutionary, exciting, innovative, and informational …

Yada yada yada, blah blah …

Those webcasts/whitepapers aren’t bad … […]

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