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Thinking of building a DPM Appliance? Check out what the Moose did

One of the most exciting things for me to see is when partners start building service and product offerings around the products that I am blessed to manage.  Having come from a reseller/integrator background before joining data protection vendors, I am always particularly excited when a regional partner makes such a commitment.  This […]

Webcast : Cloud, Hybrid Environments and Data Protection – what’s an SMB to do?

The Cloud, Hybrid Environments and Data Protection: What’s an SMB to do?

Join Forrester’s Stephanie Balaouras, Microsoft’s Jason Buffington and i365’s Brandon Farris for an enlightening discussion on how Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) can plan an effective strategy for addressing today’s complex storage, backup and disaster recovery challenges. This webinar will […]

New Partner Guide to System Center


My friends at Redmond Channel Partner have recently produced a "Microsoft Partners’ Guide to System Center” paper.

It covers some interviews related to SCE 2010 and DPM 2010 from me, David Mills (@dmills_ms) and one of our general managers, Zane Adam.

Having grown up in this industry as a […]

DPM 2010 Appliance from i365

One of the announcements made at MMS 2010 last week was from i365, a Seagate company, who announced a DPM 2010 appliance.

The i365 appliance, called the EVault for Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager or EDPM for short. 

Here are few cool things about the EDPM appliance:

1)  Take […]

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