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ESG Lab Validation – EMC VNX Total Protection Pack


Enterprise Strategy Group

One of the coolest parts about going from a single-vendor to ESG has been the chance to see IT from a broader perspective.

As a long-time ‘software-guy’, this was a chance to re-discover the power of hardware, particularly as it relates to data protection.


This week, the ESG Lab team released its most recent Lab Validation Report … on the EMC VNX Total Protection Pack.

The report gives a great picture of the “continuous local, remote and application protection” that is offered for EMC VNX arrays. 

  • Continuous local and remote data protection and recovery with DVR-like rollback
  • Point-in-time recovery of individual or multiple virtual machines with a single click
  • The ability to define and manage recovery point objectives and SLAs across the infrastructure
  • Automated failover and failback through integration with VMware Site Recovery Manager

Check out the ESG report.

1 comment to ESG Lab Validation – EMC VNX Total Protection Pack

  • Hi Jason,
    I remember your name doing some research awhile back related to DPM – I can also remember that product in the early days and it has certainly come a long way. Any way, I noticed your post towards this ESG Lab report and wanted to say thanks and offer up a slightly different take on it here:

    By the way, congrats on the move from vendor to analyst – hope it goes well for you!

    Brian Henderson

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