Veeam Innovation Awards for 2020

Each year, Veeam takes nominations for Veeam Innovation Awards (VIA’s) from partners and customers, in order to highlight some of the great solutions in market that are powered by Veeam software components. This year, we received nearly 50 nominations, which were then vetted by a panel of 18 judges, under the following criteria:

  • Innovation and differentiation in the marketplace
  • Operational and economic benefits to customers
  • Efficiencies and agilities gained
  • Manageability and usability enhancements
  • Scalability and automation capabilities
  • Comprehensiveness of protection

There were bonus items for leveraging the Restful APIs that enable third-party solutions built upon the Veeam technology stack, as well as usage of Veeam’s DataLabs and orchestration capabilities. This year, four partner solutions were selected to receive VIAs at our VeeamON conference which was delivered June 17-18 and is available for on-demand viewing.

The 2020 Veeam Innovation Award partners are:

  • IBM
  • iland
  • Managecast Technologies
  • Offsite Data Sync

Veeam congratulates and thanks our four VIA winners, as well as the myriad other partners that deliver great solutions that are powered by Veeam technologies each and every day. Please check out the four 2020 VIA winners below:

  • IBM Cloud has automated both Veeam Availability and Cloud Connect for our customers. Customers have Veeam Availability integrated into their Virtual Data Centers in a highly resilient and secure manner. VCCR is also enabled for customer replication and migration into their Virtual Data Centers. Veeam infrastructure is fully distributed across within a Multi-Zone Region, while utilizing V10 to provide a secondary copy in a different region. We have deployed all of Veeam in a Highly Available manner, that if the DC where the Veeam Portal becomes unavailable, VMware will automatically recognize it and activate it in an available DC.
  • iland Test Drive is an automated cloud service trial platform that enables Veeam customers and partners to easily evaluate Veeam’s Backup and Recovery software with iland Secure Cloud BaaS and DRaaS. Test Drive was designed to reduce the time and effort needed to deploy and validate Veeam solutions in a fully-functioning, VMware-based cloud environment. With just a few clicks, customers can experience the actual look, feel, features, and capabilities of Veeam and iland Cloud services together, as well as ensure iland’s performance, management, security, and cost metrics meet business expectations, before committing to a contract.
  • AutoRecover by OffsiteDataSync is an automation tool for customers to restore their backups directly to vCloud director for disaster recovery, testing, validation, compliance initiatives. Using the OffsiteDataSync portal to look at backup chains, select the appropriate restore points/VMs to restore and initiates restore. AutoRecover automatically 1) Builds out private vCloud director environment, 2) Imports backups, and 3) Initiates restore. When completed, an email is received with information on connecting to the new environment. After, the environment is automatically torn down. AutoRecover isn’t just for backup testing, it can be used in a declared disaster situation allowing customers self-service recovery of systems for easy and secure services restoration.
  • The Managecast platform is a comprehensive Veeam monitoring portal built for service providers, consultants, and end-users to help monitor daily Veeam backups.  Managecast provides long-term historical trending of backup jobs and repositories,  Ticketing integration, Tracking of jobs that have not run, Tracking loss of connection with VBR consoles (losing contact with Veeam Management Agent), High-level dashboard showing backup activities, Fully multi-tenant and MSP enabled to allow third parties to track their client’s backups, Acknowledgement and tracking of events (who, and when and any related notifications to clients), and Anomaly detection (when backups go outside of “normal”, such as excessive or decreased backup data).

During VeeamON, registered participants were able to read aтd watch a summary of each of the four VIA winning solutions and then vote on a “Best of Show” for VeeamON 2020. This year, we are proud to announce that IBM has been voted on as the Best of Show among the 2020 VIA partner solutions – congratulations IBM!

This article was originally posted on the Veeam Blog.

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