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Midyear Check-in on Data Protection Initiatives in 2017 (Animated Infographic)

At the halfway point in 2017, it seems appropriate to revisit the continued momentum around investing in better, more agile, more reliable, likely cloud-enhanced data protection. Early each year, ESG publishes its IT Spending Intentions report, where we look at where organizations are intending to invest their budgets.

In each of the six years that I have been at ESG, “Data Protection” in one or more forms is among the top of one or more priority lists.  Also, as is typical, “Improving Backup” is almost always adjacent to “Increasing use of Server Virtualization” — with both being at or among the top data center-centric initiatives – due to what we often declare, “When you modernize production, you need to and will modernize protection.”

Here is a recap of how data protection initiatives, data center modernization priorities, and increased use of cloud services (often for data protection purposes), were anticipated to align in 2017.

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