2017 Data Protection Predictions (Video)

predictions.jpgWe’re already into 2017, so here are three topics that really ought to be reconsidered and/or focused on in order to ensure that as you modernize production, your protection strategies are up to the tasks at hand:

Cloud – While many organizations continue to investigate where cloud will fit within their data protection strategy, it is NOT inevitable that all things go cloudy. In addition, there isn’t one kind of cloud service that applies to data protection, nor is there a defacto scenario that universally screams “use the cloud, dangit!” (other than endpoints).

Tape – Yes, tape in 2017.  Building on the cloud conversation, many organizations need to stop thinking of cloud as a tape replacement and embrace each for what they are best at – which isn’t as simple as lowest dollar per gigabyte.  Instead, while clouds open up new worlds of agility, tapes have never been more relevant to long-term preservation and archival/compliance scenarios.

Hybrid – easily one of the most overused words in IT in 2016 will continue to dominate in use and misuse in 2017. But you’ll have to check out the video to get the bigger picture on that one.

As always, thanks for watching and I’ll see you in 2017.

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