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New Math: Virtualization plus DPaaS = BC/DR!

Maybe that is overly-simplified, but not by much. Virtualization makes servers (and their associated storage) portable, while Data Protection Services provide alternate locations and expertise that many organizations of all sizes have been desperate for.

In 2013, ESG published complete research reports on both of these topics:

Research Report: Trends in Protecting Highly Virtualized Environments

Research Report: Trends in Data Protection as a Service (BaaS, DRaaS and STaaS)

And in each survey, we were careful to dig in for extra insights related to BC/DR. So, here is a new ESG Infographic discussing the latest BC/DR trends that are empowered through the intersection of two transformational IT mechanisms.

CLICK HERE for the ESG Infographic on BC/DR, powered by Virtualization and the Cloud

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