Near-CDP FAQ: Snapshot, replication and backup

While continuous data protection (CDP) is a viable alternative for users looking to improve their backup and recovery times, there are questions as to whether it’s becoming a more popular option among adopters. However, according to Jason Buffington, senior analyst with the Enterprise Strategy Group, near-CDP is seeing an uptick in use. In this FAQ with Buffington, learn the benefits of near-CDP, the convergence of snapshot and backup, how snapshots should be used for data protection, common misconceptions about replication and more.

The benefits of near-CDP solutions

In this piece, learn about the differences between CDP and near-CDP solutions, and the advantages of using near-CDP as part of your data protection strategy.

Using snapshots as part of a data protection strategy

According to ESG’s recent report on data protection strategies for highly virtualized and private cloud infrastructures, less than 10% of folks were “only” doing traditional backups. This article details how snapshots can be used as a part of your overall data protection strategy.

Using snapshot and replication for data protection

Buffington says that the report also shows that most respondents are performing replication, either at the application level, the volume level or the storage level, as well as snapshots. Learn more about using snapshot and replication together in this piece.

Common misconceptions about replication and backup

This piece outlines common misconceptions about replication and backup today and offers advice about data-protection strategy planning.

Best practices for using replication with backup

This piece offers best practices info on using replication in conjunction with backup and advice on choosing the data protection tool or tools that will enable you to achieve your recovery goals.

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