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vBlog: Regulatory Compliance vs Operational Readiness (1 of 4)

This month, I am taking a look at the differences between ‘Regulatory Compliance’ and ‘Operational Readiness’ through a series of videos.

Regulatory Compliance

The efforts to check the boxes before audits – often mandated by an industry (e.g. HIPAA), corporate (SOX) or legal (DOD 5.015.2-STD).

Operational Readiness

The IT efforts to ensure that key IT systems and data are resilient through high availability (HA), disaster recovery (DR) or business continuity (BC) technologies and services.



For the next four weeks, I’ll take a look at some regulatory mandates and try to glean some pragmatic IT ideas for data protection from them. So come back each Tuesday in April.

Week 1: Overview of Regulatory Compliance vs. Operational Readiness

Next week, we’ll look closer at what IT professionals delivering data protection in publicly traded companies should know about Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and the SEC rules.

Thanks for watching.

[Originally posted on ESG’s Technical]

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