Data Protection in a BYOD World

One of the most complicated areas of data protection in IT today has to be around securing the data on endpoint devices (laptops & tablets).  Frankly, most IT organizations weren’t able to do an effective job of protecting that data when the devices were corporate-owned, but with the myriad devices that are now in use, it is even harder.

But the reality is that, regardless of who purchased the device, it has corporate data on it !!

So, IT has to find new ways to protect its corporate assets without “intruding” on end-users and their own devices.  This includes not just “backup” but also “file sharing” and “device protection.”

I had the opportunity to sit down with Steve Duplessie and talk about where we see the challenges; and what IT can do about it.  Enjoy the video.

As always, thanks for watching.

[Originally posted on ESG’s Technical]

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