Checking out vSphere Data Protection 5.1

A few weeks ago, at VMworld 2012 US, VMware announced vSphere Data Protection – a virtual appliance backup solution for vSphere 5.1 that is based on EMC Avamar technology.

Read more about VDP on my blog : VMworld 2012 announces vSphere Data Protection (VDP)

And coming off of VMworld, I’ve received lots of kind feedback on my video and brief over What IT Pros should look for in Virtualization Protection (thank you for the kind words).

Video : What IT Pros should look for in Virtualization Protection

ESG Brief : What to look for in Virtualization Protection

So, I decided I had to try VDP out – and have upgraded one of my test servers to vSphere 5.1.  I’ll be tinkering for the next several weeks, but would love to hear any initial feedback that you have on VDP (tell me what to look for, what you liked/didn’t, questions for EMC or VMware that I can ask them, etc.).

In addition, the folks over at EMC have invited me to participate in their webinar on October 18 at 11AM EDT.  I’ll be talking about some of ESG’s most recent research on protecting virtualized environments and what to look for, while they are giving an overview of both VDP and the Avamar solution that it is based on.

To register for the EMC webcast with me, VDP and Avamar – click here

To give me your first impressions of VDP, please leave comments below.

As always, thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Checking out vSphere Data Protection 5.1”

  1. As a user of VDR previously with some clients I was excited to see VDP as I thought the VDR platform had room for improvement but also had a lot of potential. So far…VDP seems like an immature product and an “almost” port of VDR. Good additions are the ability to email a summary and improved way to determine schedule and retention. So far the only hiccup I’m having is VDP seems pretty good at leaving random hung snapshots out there. Which as we all know is not good if you are not monitoring them daily to remove them. Hopefully they will get this resolved and the VDP product will just continue to get better.


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