VMworld 2012 – What I am looking for this week

For the next four days, I will be living and breathing four letters – VADP.

Starting in vStorage 4 … and now on the cusp of vStorage 5.1 … the VMware-parts of my brain revolve around the VMware API’s for Data Protection (VADP). VADP is a big part of what enables Vmware configurations to be backed up and (hopefully) recovered.

While not new this year, protection of virtualized environments continues to be a challenge. In fact, in ESG’s IT Spending Intentions 2012 research, “Improve Data Backup” and “Increase Server Virtualization” tied as the #1 priority for 2012. Over the course of the week, I will be looking at anything new that happens to mention “VADP”.

But that isn’t all. I am admittedly passionate about Private Cloud – in part because all of the protection and resilience technology in the world can’t assure the reliability of a virtualized infrastructure, if the physical building blocks are unreliable (and in part, because I am a somewhat-reformed old-school server and storage guy). My friend and colleague, Mark Bowker, is ESG’s primary voice on Virtualization and he’s done some great stuff on Virtualization Converged Infrastructures (VCI) or what I just call “vBuilding Blocks” – which affects reliability, which makes it interesting to a data protection guy like me.

So, I’ll be living and breathing VADP and VCI topics … and fill in the gaps with ‘cloud’ and hanging out with friends that are at VMworld this week (and I hope to share my perspectives via blog over the week). To get that started:

  As part of VMworld 2012 week, ESG just launched a new micro-site that, after a free registration, provides access to quite a bit of cool content across ESG. ESG micro-site
  I also just recorded a 4-minute video on “What should IT Pro’s look for in Virtualization Protection Virtualization Protection (video)
  And I wrote an IT Pro brief discussing the difference between “Guest/Agent-Based Backups” and “Host-Based Backups that are Agent-Assisted”, which you can download here. Host-based Backup Considerations (brief)

So, lots going on this week, and I hope to share much of it with you.

If you are at VMworld and want to talk backup … ping @JBuff on twitter

As always, thanks for reading.

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