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Quest announces NetVault XA — and it is absolutely gorgeous

I confess to have been personally blown out of the water by this new UI, when I saw it a few weeks ago. Many backup companies talk about ‘policy-based’ solutions and ‘ease-of-use’ – but what has come out of Quest looks more like a UI from a science fiction movie like Minority Report or video game than an enterprise backup vendor.

Quest press release

TechTarget article by Dave Raffo on NetVault XA

When TechTarget asked me about NetVault XA, I said”

“… if you can put everything behind a single UI and you get a unified experience, do you care which set of bits is touching components behind the scenes? I don’t think you do. You focus on the experience and whether you’re confident in the ability to protect and recover according to your SLAs.”

It will still be a while before we see its final realization of this UI and its management of NetVault and vRanger, so I personally hope that the ESG Lab will let me play with this one, which should be something to watch moving forward.

Congratulations and hats-off to the Quest folks, for what I personally think is the coolest UI in data protection. There have been other neat UI’s before … so please, Quest … please make sure that the engine and actual functionality work as well as this UI is pretty. A ferarri car-body with a hamster wheel under the hood just can’t happen!  Until then … we’ll be waiting.

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