Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track at MMS 2012

The Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track program puts the best practices and private cloud experience of Microsoft into an IT architecture that provides consistency and flexibility in the Microsoft stack, while still enabling its hardware partners to bring their own expertise and differentiated components together for customers benefit.

While at MMS 2012, I had the opportunity to talk about Private Cloud Fast Track with Mike Schutz, GM of Windows Server and Management from Microsoft – along with Scott Shaffer, Director of Engineering from HP.


Along with discussing Microsoft’s Fast Track program – and HP’s delivery through its VirtualSystem product-line, we also share some early results of a recent ESG Lab testing of the HP VirtualSystem VS2.  With that system, ESG Lab was able to deliver up to 32,000 Microsoft Exchange 2010 mailboxes.  Later, ESG Lab tested the HP VS2 with eight virtualized database VMs that was able to simulate over 160,000 online brokerage transactions on SQL Server 2012.  Very Cool Stuff !!!

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Hope you enjoy the video.

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