Now enrolling for the Operations Manager 2012 CEP

Apply to join the System Center Operations Manager 2012 CEP

At TechEd 2011, we announced that the OpsMgr 2012 Community Evaluation Program (CEP) is now taking applications.

What is a CEP

Many of you are likely familiar with Microsoft TAP’s, Technology Adoption Programs, where a small pool of customers partner with our engineering teams to preview and provide feedback on pre-beta software.  TAP participants provide our engineers with some early guidance and validation of next generation software, prior to us releasing publicly-available beta software.   TAP is a great program, but it starts very, very early on and usually fills up quick (and waay before beta).  The OpsMgr 2012 TAP has been very active in helping us with early builds, but it is unfortunately full.

The Community Evaluation Program (CEP) has recently been created to provide a broader range of customers with an in-depth experience with our upcoming beta software.

Essentially, a CEP is an organized way of bringing our subject matter experts (SMEs) from our product teams, our community (like MVPs and experienced users) and those interested in taking a deep look at our v.Next software for evaluation and preparation for deployment purposes.

About the OpsMgr 2012 CEP

Starting around the time of public-beta, the OM12 CEP will offer private and focused topic discussions, whereby the entire enrolled community will all look at one key feature/enhancement at a time.   This will give you, as enrolled participants, not only in-depth insight to the new OM12 features, but also access to the community of SMEs who can help you get the most out of Operations Manager 2012 (and 2007 R2 in some cases).

We are taking enrollment applications now, and will kick off the community reach-outs as we get a little closer to the public beta release.

We’ll start off looking at some of the features that you have heard a lot about so far, such as Network Monitoring or Application Monitoring.  Then, we’ll dig into some of the new topology changes, as well as upgrade scenarios, and then just keep looking at different facets of OpsMgr 2012 moving forward.

How do I apply

Information on all of the System Center and Forefront CEP offerings is available here

For an overview of the Operations Manager 2012 CEP, take a look at the OM12 CEP overview datasheet.

For questions on the OpsMgr 2012 CEP itself, you can send email to  (no, we can’t yet answer ‘when’ questions)   🙂

Click here to Apply for the OpsMgr 2012 CEP

We will notify all accepted participants as to the OM12 topic schedule and how to access the CEP discussion forums later in June.

A note of special thanks to all of the OpsMgr 2012 session attendees at TechEd 2011, some of whom enrolled even during the sessions themselves!

Good luck and we look forward to working with many of you on OpsMgr 2012 !

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