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My favorite Windows Sidebar gadget – Outlook calendar appointments

I am starting my New Years’ Resolution early by sharing some of the non-System Center geek things that make my life easier or better.

Gadget-OutlookCalendar-iconThe Windows Sidebar is not new, having been first introduced with Windows Vista.  And most of us probably have the weather, a clock and Bing search tools.  But every time that I rebuild my desktop (which happens by choice more often than I care to admit), the first thing that I do is install the Outlook Upcoming Appointments gadget.  It is available for free from the Gadget Gallery

As I am completed managed by my calendar (and unfortunately not the other way around), this is invaluable instead of waiting for Alerts or routinely maximizing Outlook.  Instead, it puts the next few appointments up on my desktop.  

The only gotcha is that the gadget was released for Outlook 2007.  Editing one text file and changing ‘12’ to ‘14’ in two places makes it completely happy to work with Outlook 2010.  Specific instructions on which file and what to change are listed as the top community comment.

Merry Christmas, y’all !

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