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DPM upgrade advisorEasily, the 2nd most common question that I hear regarding DPM 2010 is:

How do I upgrade to DPM 2010 RTM ?

The most common question is “when will it be available”, to which I reply:

  • Evaluation is available now at DPM 2010 Evaluation Software
  • Full Packaged Product will be available by June 1st when DPM 2010 is added to the MS Price List
  • And the downloadable ISOs for MVLS, TechNet, etc. are coming in in May, as each portal queues them up.  And yes, I will blog/tweet about them as they come online.

But, back to the upgrade question. 

My friends in the DPM development team have done a really nice job of creating an “Upgrade Advisor” for DPM 2010.  It is an Excel spreadsheet where you can fill in what version that you are coming from (DPM 2007 SP1) and what version that you want to go to (DPM 2010 RTM EVAL), as well as what you are using for Disaster Recovery, Tape Library Sharing, etc.  And it outputs a checklist to walk you through the upgrade process.

Click here to download the DPM 2010 Upgrade Advisor.

As always, thanks for reading.

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