MMS 2010 sessions on DPM 2010 – courtesy of a System Center Influencer

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One of the coolest parts of evangelizing a product on behalf of Microsoft is discovering other folks in the IT community that are passionate about the same technologies that I am.SC-Influencer

Last week, at MMS 2010, I had the opportunity to meet a System Center Influencer named Mike Resseler.  

Mike is an active member of the System Center Users Group in Belgium who has been really vocal about his excitement of DPM 2010:

Twitter : @MikeResseler

Personal Blog :

DPM Blog :

While Mike and I have bantered in email and twitterspace, we hadn’t met until the System Center Influencers’ mixer at MMS last week – which was great to put a face and a handshake with a name.  

For the rest of the DPM 2010 fans out there, please give a shout or tweet of thanks out to Mike, because … he sat through, transcribed and blogged all 5 of the DPM 2010 sessions at MMS 2010:

MMS 2010 – BB12 – Technical Introduction to DPM 2010

MMS 2010 – BB13 – Protecting Applications with DPM 2010

MMS 2010 – BB14 – Protecting Windows Clients with DPM 2010

MMS 2010 – BB15 – Virtualization and Data Protection, better together with DPM 2010

MMS 2010 – BB37 – Disaster Recovery and Advanced Scenarios with DPM 2010

His notes (even capturing some of my bad jokes and puns) and screenshots are so thorough that I probably should just drop them in the speakers’ notes for each of the 5 PPTs.

Mike – it was truly a pleasure to meet you.  And on behalf of the System Center DPM team, thank you so much for your partnership!

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