Announcing the beta for DPM 2010


YEP!  It’s here!

For those that have been waiting all Summer … it is finally here and we are excited to have you start trying out the 3rd generation of Microsoft’s backup and recovery solution for Windows environments.

For a perspective from the DPM development team – check out their blog.

To read about the new features – check out the new page on DPM2010

Look for the TechNet Webcast on DPM 2010 on October 8

Or just try it yourself – download it here!

Congratulations to all of my friends in the DPM development team on an absolutely phenomenal product!

When I joined Microsoft four years ago, it was because I could see where a “Microsoft backup solution for Windows” could go – and I am happy to say that with DPM 2010, I think we’ve arrived.

Please take a look – and let us know what you think

As always, thanks for reading

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