Dell announces a Windows Storage Server 2008 appliance


Congratulations to my friends at Dell for their launch of storage appliances that are powered by Windows Storage Server 2008.

Dell NX3000 PowerVault (WSS08) This is a great example of what happens with the partnership of Microsoft with a server manufacturer.

In this case, instead of simply pre-installing Windows Server and a standard Dell PowerEdge server (which is already a strong solution) – Microsoft raised the file-serving bar with Windows Storage Server, and Dell is now delivering it with lots of goodness in a PowerVault.

See earlier post on how/why Windows Storage Server is delivered through OEM partners.

Dell has embraced the industry leading file services features that started with Windows Server 2008, including Distributed File System (DFS), Network File System (NFS), easy management through the File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) and the great performance advancements of SMB 2.0.

Then, of course, the extra Microsoft goodies that come in Windows Storage Server 2008 such as Single-Instance Storage (SIS) for data de-duplication.

See earlier post on why a Windows Storage Server is like a Saleen Ford Mustang.

Then, they added management capabilities like remote management through iDRAC and OpenManage 6.1 including DMC (Dell Management Console), IT Assistant – and hardware features like those for Energy Smart.

And all of this is being delivered by Dell around 3 driving principles.

– Advanced Software for More Efficient Data

– No Time Wasted to Setup or Manage

– Integration that Adapts to Your Environment

In fact, <melodramatic sigh> the only negative thing I can say about this offering is that they didn’t invite this Dallas boy down to Austin to celebrate the launch.  </self-pity>

Congratulations to Dell for coming out with what looks like a great storage appliance!!


As always, thanks for reading…

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