Announcing new DPM 2007 SP1 training course 50213A


I am very excited to announce the availability of a new classroom-based course on DPM 2007 SP1.

This is a two-day course that covers everything that you need to know to be successful with DPM.  That is a bold statement, but it was built by MVPs, early DPM adopters that are now full deployed throughout their enterprise, as well as MS stakeholders.

About this Course

This two-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to implement Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007.  This course is intended for IT professionals who are responsible for installing and configuring DPM 2007, and for using DPM 2007 to protect data and applications.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007
  • Describe the prerequisite requirements and Install DPM 2007 servers
  • Perform post-installation configuration tasks
  • Protect & Recover SQL Server data with DPM 2007
  • Protect & Recover Exchange Server data with DPM 2007
  • Protect & Recover SharePoint data with DPM 2007
  • Protect & Recover virtualized environments with DPM 2007
  • Monitor DPM 2007
  • Prepare for and Perform disaster recovery in DPM 2007

For those of you that know me from my days at NSI Double-Take, you may recall that I originally built the training & certification program there – and have always thought of technical education strictly as a way to enable easier first deployments and proofs-of-concept when evaluating software … plus increasing the usage of the product by educating on additional capabilities that you may not have perhaps known about.  So the courseware there (and this course) are focused around job roles/tasks and what are the key skills necessary to do what you need to get done.

This class takes most of what we cover in the DPM breakout sessions at Tech-Ed, MMS, and IT Forum – and puts it into two fun-filled backup and recovery days.

Also notable is that this course uses the newest delivery vehicle from Microsoft Learning – CourseWare Library (CWL) … which means that it is very easy for Microsoft training partners to download and offer – usually at a significantly reduced cost, compared with Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC). 

If you are a Microsoft training partner – please visit the CWL portal and take a look at course 50213A

If you are a Microsoft trainer – start brushing up on DPM 2007 SP1  🙂

If you are a Microsoft customer – ask your preferred training provider when they will offer course 50213A

And for everyone – stay tuned to find out about the upcoming DPM 2007 certification exam that will follow this course.

As always, thanks for reading…

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