SEARCH and GIVE … a new way to ‘search’ and ‘give’…

There are a few things that I truly love about the Microsoft culture:Search-and-Give ... from LIVE.COM

Philanthropy — Bill G has truly modeled a spirit of giving back, and that every one can help — and that spirit of generosity really seems to be permeated in the mindset of Microsoft management at all levels.

Tenacity — While some MS products are leading in their segments, others battle against large incumbents — but we keep our eye on the prize and keep improving our offerings.  Search being a good example

Marketing initiative — I used to envy the ‘Microsoft Marketing Machine’ when I was on the outside.  And it is even cooler sitting in the eye of the storm.


The reason that I bring up these three (there are others) is that the folks at LIVE.COM have done a very cool thing for Search – by adding a community donation program to

While some other search engines may greedily take all of their profits with every searching click, the folks at will donate one penny per search query to your favorite charity or school.


So, please —

If you have not tried recently … check out, which is powered by’s search engine

If you have tried it (and therefore obviously understand that it is a strong search engine) – consider changing your search provider to  Start donating to your local school or charity — one click at a time.

It really is simple — go to the site, register yourself with your Hotmail / Windows Live ID, and then pick your charity/school from the list.   It will ask you to confirm as your search provider and you are done!!   I used search already, so to make it even easier, I added it as one of my tabs on my home page. 


As always, thanks for reading

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