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Greetings from Tech-Ed 2008 / IT Pro week – one of the biggest and busiest IT Pro technical training events in the world.

My glamorous travel week so far has been:

Monday — Fly from Dallas to Miami, wait on aircraft trouble, and finally arrive in Orlando around 8PM – upload VHD images and prep classroom hardware until 1:30AM.  Asleep by 2AM.

Tuesday — Wake up at 6:30 to prep the Storage and DPM kiosk stations with PowerPoint and demo’s.  Then, spent around 6 hours briefing analysts on all things ‘Storage’ — storage workload in Windows Server 2008, Storage Server/WUDSS, and (of course), Data Protection Manager.  A few random meetings, and I am in my hotel by 9PM to do e-mail.

Wednesday (today) — I’ll do the first 2 breakout sessions around DPM – followed by 3 more events on Thursday – and 2 more on Friday.

And as much as that might sound like whining — this is a really good week for me.  There is nothing about my job that I love as much as customer interaction, particularly from the podium of a technical breakout session.  Today’s demo is my most ambitious, including Exchange CCR and File sharing clusters, SQL 2005 & 2008, SharePoint 2007, and Exchange 2007 — along with the three Virtual Server host platforms and some brand new WS08 servers — backed up courtesy of the new ‘Rollup Update’ for DPM 2007 which gives me supported protection of Windows Server 2008.

In today’s breakout session, the first of three in a series for DPM, I do a technical introduction (200-level) that is very demo heavy.  Here are two podcasts using the same demo environment for your viewing pleasure — basically doing a demonstration of how to protect and recover data with DPM 2007.  If you haven’t seen DPM in action, or just feel like a refresher – then I hope you enjoy these.

Streaming VideoHow to protect data with DPM2007

Streaming VideoHow to recover data with DPM2007

If you’d like to watch this live, come to session MGT250 – DPM 2007 Technical Introduction of DPM2007.  Later this week, come back for MGT366 (Protecting Applications with DPM2007) and MGT450 (Advanced Features of DPM2007).  Other learning opportunities include MGT50-HOL, MGT64-HOL, MGT50-TLC., as well as a Data Protection/Virtualization session that I do with my buddy, Edwin Yuen, which we really ought to do as a TechNet webcast – and a session for the SharePoint folks on DPM2007 protection.  It is a very busy week – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks for reading … and watching

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