DPM 2007 at SQL Server Users’ Conference — 2007 PASS Community Summit


I just finished a very busy week at the SQL Server Users’ Conference (http://www.sqlpass.org/).

We started with the first public viewing of an early DPM 2007 “Release Candidate” (yes, you heard right) for around 2000 customers, partners and vendor-folk… where we demonstrated DPM protecting SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008.  It was very cool, but admittedly, I was a little nervous doing a keynote demo for a Microsoft VP.  Not worried about the software, just tripping on my way on/off stage.  🙂

After some booth duty, I finished the week with a technical breakout session on “How to Protect SQL Server with DPM 2007“.  It was a slightly updated version that we did for Tech-Ed back in July – recorded here (http://www.microsoft.com/uk/technet/itsshowtime/sessionh.aspx?videoid=552)


So, a couple of cool points:

Yes, there is a Release Candidate for DPM 2007.  It’s not yet a public download, but be excited because it shows we are getting closer and closer to RTM.

Yes, DPM 2007 is already protecting SQL Server 2008.  So, if you are working with the early previews of SQL Server 2008 (“Katmai”), know that DPM is getting ready to protect those servers as well.  So, go get SQL Server CTP-4 (July Customer Preview # 4) and try it in your DPM environment today!


But one more thing that was new and I wanted to share was the #1 question that the SQL DBA’s constantly asked me – “How does DPM compare with _________?” (third-party compressed backup products for SQL Server).  The product names varied (some I hadn’t heard of), but when they explained their principles, the answer was usually the same. 

In general, DPM doesn’t do direct competitive beat-downs, so I wanted to share my comparison of the operating concepts that differ between the methodologies- as well as the ramifications.  Your mileage and product capabilities will vary, but here is a clip of the session with my answer to the frequently asked question.


Streaming Video – How does DPM 2007 compare with Compressed Backups of SQL Server data (4 minutes)


Please let me know what you think or if this is helpful.

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