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Today is RTM day for DPM and SCE !!!

It is hard to imagine that today has finally arrived.   It has been so long in the making, and yet it seems like time flew by.

For my friends who may not be as geeky as me – today is the day that we announced that the next generation of both products that I manage […]

Announcing the beta for DPM 2010

YEP!  It’s here!

For those that have been waiting all Summer … it is finally here and we are excited to have you start trying out the 3rd generation of Microsoft’s backup and recovery solution for Windows environments.

For a perspective from the DPM development team – check out their blog.

To read about […]

DPM 2007 Launch – Day 3

We are half-way through Launch Week … and things are continuing to stay exciting.

The booth is continually swamped – and while this will sound bias, it is one the busiest booths in the Microsoft pavilion.  Yeah, I know that’s like saying that my kid was the best actor in the school play.  Yes, I […]

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