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VMworld 2012 Wrap-up on Backup

As much as I like virtualization, and systems management, and private cloud … most folks know that I am a backup guy, first and foremost. So, you should definitely look to some of the ESG peers for the other parts of the story, including a nice video from ESG’s Mr. Virtualization, Mark Bowker. In the […]

VMworld 2012 video on VMware backup

Had the chance to do an interview on ‘The Cube’ … on VDP, VMware backup and other stuff from VMworld.

Thanks for watching.

Cool EMC Networker 8 video

While I was taking some time off last month, EMC announced NetWorker 8 – and one of the things that I caught up on was a neat video celebrating the legacy of NetWorker from 1988 through 2012.

Other than the fact that it highlights the evolution of NetWorker, including just about every feature that a […]

Video on EMC DataBridge from EMC World 2012

Most of you know me as a “backup guy” (and I am) … but my last gig at Microsoft not only included MS backup products but also monitoring and reporting technologies such as System Center Operations Manager.

So, when I had the chance to take a deep look at EMC’s upcoming DataBridge solution, which aggregates […]

Introducing EMC DataBridge

While most folks know me as a data protection guy, a few might recall that I was also the senior product manager for some of the “systems monitoring” technologies at Microsoft, including the recently released System Center Operations Manager 2012. So, it’s been a special thrill to take an early look at EMC’s DataBridge Enterprise […]

Mozy announces Stash beta

Mozy has announced the public beta of its new Stash offering.  The public beta is available to existing Mozy Backup customers, as an add-on capability that takes advantage of customers’ existing accounts, subscribed storage capacity, etc. In other words, it’s a great example of the convergence between backup-as-a-service (BaaS) and Online-File-Storage (OLFS).

ESG recently published […]

DPM 2007 in the heterogeneous enterprise

One question that I hear frequently is “I love what Microsoft is doing for backup of my Windows servers.  But what about my non-Windows servers?”  Similarly, one might ask “What about heterogeneous environments?“

A different question that is often confused with these is “Is DPM enterprise-ready?” 

To separate these questions, let me address the latter […]

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