The 2018 Veeam Innovation Awards

In 225 BC, the Greek philosopher and mathematician Archimedes wrote, “Give me a lever and a fulcrum, and I will move the world.” Today at VeeamON, we celebrated a few organizations that aren’t just using Veeam Software as a solution for their own sake, but as the fulcrum and lever by which they are changing the worlds of … Read more

Which Green Threads will you follow at VeeamON 2018?

VeeamON is expanding! As you’ve probably noticed, Veeam continues to grow from “just” the world’s best protection for virtual environments to delivering similar outcomes for physical servers, endpoints, Infrastructure as a Service-hosted (IaaS) servers and Microsoft Office 365. Those capabilities are the foundation for our protection, recovery, enablement and Availability solutions. In addition to that, … Read more

Why I joined Veeam

I love data protection within IT— so much so that I am starting my 30th year focused on DP by leaving the analyst world and going back to the vendor world at Veeam. Here’s why: The state of the data protection industry After seven blessed years as the Principal Analyst at ESG covering data protection, … Read more