Every Windows Server can be a iSCSI Target

No, I didn’t do a typo and mean to say “Every Windows Server has an iSCSI Initiator” And it may only be a slight exaggeration when I say “Every“. But did you know that your Windows Server 2008 R2 server can also be an iSCSI Target? I didn’t. Typically, one thinks of an iSCSI Target … Read more

Dell announces a Windows Storage Server 2008 appliance

Congratulations to my friends at Dell for their launch of storage appliances that are powered by Windows Storage Server 2008. This is a great example of what happens with the partnership of Microsoft with a server manufacturer. In this case, instead of simply pre-installing Windows Server and a standard Dell PowerEdge server (which is already … Read more

Announcing the HP Windows Storage Server 2008 appliances – X1000 and X3000

This is a very good day to be in storage and a Windows network administrator – because HP just announced that they are shipping storage appliances that are powered by Windows Storage Server 2008.  For more on the WSS08 release last month, check out these blogs: May 5 – Announcing Windows Storage Server 2008 – … Read more

Why is Windows Storage Server only available through OEM’s ?

I get this question every once in a while – so I thought I would offer my perspective on this. To answer that, let me do a short reminder of what a Windows Storage Server is: We started with the mainstream Windows Server operating system – and tune it from being the industry-leading general purpose … Read more