I watched a DataCenter get hit by a Hurricane … and recover

I don’t often re-post vendor marketing content – but since they let me be a small part of simulating a hurricane/flood of a datacenter … Symantec rented out a 6-story hurricane (100mph) simulator in South Carolina … and then flooded a working datacenter server-stack with 35,000 gallons of water: Most folks know me as a … Read more

Symantec offers Better Backup for All

Today, Symantec held live events covering the upcoming BackupExec 2012 and NetBackup 7.5 releases.  According to Symantec, “Backup is broken” (I agree).  And they intend to be the fix. Enrique Salem, Symantec CEO, started by offering “Every year, I stand up and talk about how data is growing … and every year we underestimate it.” … Read more