Veeam Cares: Spotlight on Scouting

Veeam Cares is the #Veeamazing corporate program that encourages Veeamers to volunteer in order to impact our world (in addition to fixing the world’s data protection and data management challenges). One of the perks of being a Veeamer is that Veeam gives our employees 24 hours (three business days) of volunteer time, above and beyond PTO … Read more

Teaching the three P’s in School

Zack Whittaker at ZDnet wrote a good post ( on how schools may be teaching Word and PowerPoint, but kids are unaware of data privacy and protection issues. I would go one ‘P’ further.  Along with Protection (of data) and Privacy (of information), add Piracy (of software and media). Last year, I took the opportunity … Read more

Getting Ready for Wood Badge

Am getting ready for Wood Badge in a few weeks, which is a training program for adult leaders within Boy Scouts.  Per a BSA website: Reflecting the best of nearly a century of Scouting experience, the course draws upon the most current leadership models used by corporate America, academic circles, and successful outdoor organizations throughout … Read more