Stop Shipping Tapes – please!

Last week, I saw the latest disclosure on what is still too common – “backup tapes are lost and the amount of disclosure is under investigation” . This time, it was 4.9 million military clinic and hospital patients – click to read original article.  The slightly abridged version is: The lost data was stored on … Read more

Step 1 – Get Your Data Out of the Building

If you find yourself on mailing lists from backup vendors, channel partners and media portals (or watch twitter for backup/storage topics) … then you have likely seen advertisements like: Five Easy Steps to Disaster Recovery Don’t miss this revolutionary, exciting, innovative, and informational … Yada yada yada, blah blah … Those webcasts/whitepapers aren’t bad … … Read more

DPM Disaster Recovery Webcast – April 15th

           What better day to talk about ‘disasters’ than tax day in the US !?! On Wednesday, April 15th, I’ll be giving a TechNet Webcast on ‘Disaster Recovery with Data Protection Manager and Iron Mountain’. It is 1PM Pacific, which makes it kind of late in the evening for my non-American friends – and … Read more