I watched a DataCenter get hit by a Hurricane … and recover

I don’t often re-post vendor marketing content – but since they let me be a small part of simulating a hurricane/flood of a datacenter … Symantec rented out a 6-story hurricane (100mph) simulator in South Carolina … and then flooded a working datacenter server-stack with 35,000 gallons of water: Most folks know me as a … Read more

New BC/DR Infographic from ESG

Does Virtualization + Cloud = BC/DR?  YES! In June 2013, ESG published its “Trends in Protecting Highly Virtualized Environments” report. In September, ESG published its “Data Protection-as-a-Service Trends” report. And for many people, when you virtualize your infrastructure (so that the servers are portable) and then you provide a cost-effective secondary location (the cloud) … … Read more

New ESG Research on BaaS, DRaaS and Tertiary

These days, you can’t have a discussion on modernizing your IT infrastructure without talking about “cloud” … but when it comes to Data Protection, there isn’t just one kind of Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS). In fact, most folks are considering up to three different DPaaS capability sets, including:   -  BaaS – Backup … Read more

The Spectrum of Data Protection

It is interesting to me how marketing folks and technical purists banter IT terms around, in hopes of sounding fresh and compelling to their customers. While “backup” is often thought of as passé or the bane of IT operations, “data protection” is perceived as more strategic, with other lofty terms such as “business continuity” and … Read more

vBlog: Regulatory Compliance vs Operational Readiness (3 of 4): HIPAA

This month, I am taking a look at the differences between ‘Regulatory Compliance’ and ‘Operational Readiness’ through a series of videos. Regulatory Compliance The efforts to check the boxes before audits – often mandated by an industry (e.g. HIPAA), corporate (SOX) or legal (DOD 5.015.2-STD). Operational Readiness The IT efforts to ensure that key IT … Read more