Quest announces NetVault XA — and it is absolutely gorgeous

I confess to have been personally blown out of the water by this new UI, when I saw it a few weeks ago. Many backup companies talk about ‘policy-based’ solutions and ‘ease-of-use’ – but what has come out of Quest looks more like a UI from a science fiction movie like Minority Report or video … Read more

DELL’s System Center Essentials solution announced

    Am really excited to announce that DELL is partnering with Microsoft to deliver a solution around System Center Essentials (SCE) 2010 ! From my perspective, this is a great match for SMB customers who often rely on Dell for their hardware and use Microsoft OS’s and applications.  SCE 2010 provides a single solution … Read more

Dell announces a Windows Storage Server 2008 appliance

Congratulations to my friends at Dell for their launch of storage appliances that are powered by Windows Storage Server 2008. This is a great example of what happens with the partnership of Microsoft with a server manufacturer. In this case, instead of simply pre-installing Windows Server and a standard Dell PowerEdge server (which is already … Read more