JBuff’s BYOD Experiment (part 2 of 4) Getting Started

A while back, I decided to do an experiment on BYOD — here are my results: JBuff’s BYOD experiment – part 1, Acquisition Challenges JBuff’s BYOD experiment – part 2, Getting Started with Data JBuff’s BYOD experiment – part 3, Corporate Expectations JBuff’s BYOD experiment – part 4, video excerpt from BYOD seminar JBuff’s BYOD … Read more

JBuff’s BYOD Experiment (part 1 of 4) Acquisition Challenges

One of the more intersecting discussions in data protection is BYOD. When its not a corporately owned device, and therefore the IT department has far less influence (including perhaps the inability to install agent technologies on it) — who is responsible for backing up the data, and where should corporate data be backed up to … Read more