You have one less way to recover your data – and you probably didn’t realize it

BE AWARE that today’s laptop and mobile devices have one less recovery option than they used to.  This particular customer service announcement is targeted mostly at business executives and the IT professionals who support them.   -  Those folks presume that device theft never happens and that they are too responsible to ever leave their … Read more

Mobile Device Backup may be Impossible

Doing a selective mobile device backup that separates work data and personal data can’t be done, says analyst Jason Buffington, but perhaps not for the reasons you think. Before I get started, let me define the two basic types of endpoint devices: consumption devices and creation devices. Consumption devices are like e-readers that fetch data … Read more

Discussing Data Protection with IBM

Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Tom Hughes and Todd Watson from IBM.  We talked about three IT trends that are disrupting traditional data protection strategies and legacy approaches: Highly Virtualized / Private Cloud Infrastructures Cloud-based Solutions for backup & storage Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for endpoint protection Here is … Read more

JBuff’s BYOD Experiment (part 3 of 4) Corporate Expectations

A while back, I decided to do an experiment on BYOD — here are my results: JBuff’s BYOD experiment – part 1, Acquisition Challenges JBuff’s BYOD experiment – part 2, Getting Started with Data JBuff’s BYOD experiment – part 3, Corporate Expectations JBuff’s BYOD experiment – part 4, video excerpt from BYOD seminar JBuff’s BYOD … Read more