Discussing Data Protection with IBM

Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Tom Hughes and Todd Watson from IBM.  We talked about three IT trends that are disrupting traditional data protection strategies and legacy approaches: Highly Virtualized / Private Cloud Infrastructures Cloud-based Solutions for backup & storage Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for endpoint protection Here is … Read more

VMworld 2012 Wrap-up on Backup

As much as I like virtualization, and systems management, and private cloud … most folks know that I am a backup guy, first and foremost.  So, you should definitely look to some of the ESG peers for the other parts of the story, including a nice video from ESG’s Mr. Virtualization, Mark Bowker.  In the … Read more

What IT Pros should look for in Virtualization Protection

Most folks know that if I wasn’t a backup-guy, I would be a virtualization-dude. So, when those two topics collide, I’m a happy IT guy who probably has an opinion or suggestion (or two). Coming off of the Trends in Data Protection Modernization research report, we saw some interesting trends in how folks were and … Read more

Podcast – How does DPM 2007 really work

I originally recorded this topic about a year ago and have been adding some guidance around Express Full’s, Transaction log backups and schedules — based on questions that I routinely hear at live events. In this 23 minute video, I’ve updated it to cover: –  Brief Overview of DPM 2007 SP1 –  How do Express … Read more