World Backup Day PSA: No one cares about (or relies upon) your data more than you do

Meme: Batman Slapping Robin -- It's Still Your Data !!

Happy #WorldBackupDay ! In COVID-times, we often hear about “the New Normal” to remind us that things won’t entirely go back to the way that they were. But for World Backup Day (WBD), I’d like to remind you of an “Old Normal” that has not changed – your data is still YOUR DATA. I’ve been in … Read more

Hierarchy of Needs in Data Protection

Hierarchy of Data Protection Needs

In 1943, Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs described a hierarchy within psychology, whereby until you addressed foundational elements such as Food/Water … you can’t feel safe, you can’t find love, you struggle with self-respect, etc. Data protection actually has a similar hierarchy (starting from the bottom): Reliable Restore-ability The most basic need of any data protection scenario … Read more

Gold standard of data protection methods goes through sea of change

Not too long ago, the gold standard for protecting organizational data involved using a disk-to-disk-to-tape process. First, a copy of production data went to secondary disk to expedite rapid recovery if needed, and then the data went to tape for long-term retention. Previously, some organizations used only tape, and a few moved to using only … Read more